NF PTA Fundraisers & Events

Fundraising is how the PTA affords to be able to do all the programs and events for our children and school.  As a team, Northfield parents and staff come together to offer our children the best we can.  Below are a number of fundraisers we hold annually including ways you as a parent can help raise money for the school with only a few clicks of the mouse (see Giant Eagle Apples for Students).  If you are interested in learning more about any of these fundraisers and how you can help, please contact us!

Hands Off Fundraisers:

Giant Eagle Apples for Students

Did you know that you can earn money for our school just by using your Giant Eagle Advantage Card?  Just scan your Giant Eagle Advantage card every time you shop.  Not only is it easy, but it's FREE! Sign up online at:    *or*     call 1.800.742.7753 

Northfield Elementary School ID -- 2608

This program runs September 2, 2019 - March 14, 2020.


Box Tops Contest 

Keep saving your Box Tops to earn easy money for our school!!  Twice a year (November 1st and March 1st), the PTA will collect box tops from students and submit them for payment.   Did you know that Northfield Elementary raised almost $500 this fall with this alone!  You can find many items that have Box Tops by visiting

Fundraisers & Events:

Fall Scholastic Book Fair "Enchanted Forest"

Get ready for our fall book fair!!  Family night sale and Goodies with Grands will be scheduled during this time. Many books are $10 or less.  Students will shop during their scheduled class times shown below.  Volunteers are always appreciated to help, please contact Amanda James for more information or you can sign up to volunteer to help at the Book Fair, Family Night, or Goodies with Grands here!!

Goodies with Grands:

Have you child invite someone GRAND in their life to shop with them and enjoy some juice, coffee and goodies.  Please RSVP number of grandparents attending to Amanda James at

Candle Sale (Fall)

Candle sales are held in the Fall with delivery prior to Thanksgiving and Spring with delivery prior to Mothers Day making them great gifts all year around!  This committee can use assistance receiving the candles and organizing boxes by last name and/or being available for pick up nights, see volunteering page.  Additional information and brochures will be sent home shortly with students

Holiday Shop

Northfield’s Holiday Gift Shop has items that range from $.50 to $5. This is a fun event for the kids combining math and budgeting skills with some holiday cheer.