NF PTA Programs & Events

The PTA sponsors many different programs and events for both students and teachers.  All of these are done by volunteers, fundraisers, and help from so many parents, staff, and the community.  The fundraisers that are put together throughout the year help fund all of these events.  The PTA is always looking for volunteers to help with events and programs throughout the year.  Contact us if you would like to learn more about these events and how you can help!  

PTA Sponsored Student Events/Programs:

* Fun n Stuff Party - Family Event

* Bowling Party - Family Event

* Kalahari Schools Out - Family Event

* Monster Game - Family Event

* Mother & Son Sport Event

* Father & Daughter Dance

* Book Fair (Fall & Spring)

* Goodies with Grands 

* Fourth Grade Field Trip

* COSI Assembly

* ABC Assembly

* DEF Assembly

PTA Sponsored Teacher & Staff Events/Programs:

* Staff Appreciation Week

* Conference Dinners in November

* Mini-Grants