Recycling Programs

Ledgeview PTA participates in recycling programs to benefit our students and save our earth!

Newspaper/Magazine Recycling
Sure it's convenient to recycle your magazines and newspapers on trash day...but why not help support your school instead.  Recycling dumpsters are located at the back of the building for your recycling needs.  Profits from the newspaper and magazine recycling directly benefit our school library!


Ink Cartridges, Cell Phones & Small Electronics Recycling
Did you know...In the U.S., more than 13 cartridges are disposed of every second, totaling an estimated 375 million each year. The total weight of these cartridges is equivalent to 67,612 Ford Explorers or 112,463 Volkswagen Beetles!  

Help PTA to reduce this environmental impact by recycling your Ink Cartridges, Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, GPS Systems and even Laptop Computers.  Send in your items for recycling in a zip top bag or drop off in the recycling bin in the school lobby.

Print the list of Qualified Items and get your office and co-workers involved!  Mother Earth thanks you! 


We are currently in search of a Recycling Volunteer! If you would like to volunteer for this please contact Katrina Jackson by email at for more information.